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Mao Haimura is Tokyo-based painter. She was born in Japan and began her career as a painter in 2018 in Berlin. Influenced by classic modern art especially german and viennese expressionism and the swinging sixties, her paintings represent her philosophical ideas that she has developped and been developping in her life.

February 2023 "Afternoon of the Orange Room" at AZALEA Tokyo
November 2022 "Obsessive Compulsive Orange Room" at
Gankagarou Tokyo
November 2021 "Triangle Connector Theorem" as an animator of "
video artist duo" KUFUKU,  at Meee Gallery Tokyo  
March 2021 "URAVANTGARDE" Solo exhibition Bar Uracue Tokyo
2019-2020 Live-bodypainting shows at a lot of venues in Tokyo and Berlin 
July-August 2018 "BLÜTE" Solo exhibition at Cuore di Vetro in Berlin



2023「オレンジ色の部屋の午後」(AZALEA / 東京)

2022「強迫症的なオレンジ色の部屋」(新宿眼科画廊 / 東京)

2021 「三角形連結の定理」映像作家KUFUKUとして(Meee Gallery Tokyo / 東京)


2018 「BLÜTE」(Cuore di Vetro / ベルリン)

2019-2020 東京、ベルリンの各地でライブボディペイントショーを行う

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