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KUFUKU was an artist duo who love classical psychedelic music and culture scenes in 60s and 70s. KUFUKU created video works including animations with oil painting and composed songs inspired by jazz-rock and Canterbury-scene. Active in 2020 - 2021.


Video Works

Other video works at here.


Happy Illustration 1
Triangle Connector Theorem
Metaphysical Hand
Go Blank
Happy Illustration 2
Happy Illustration 3
Orangians from the Planet Orange
Spiral Feather
Spiral Humans
Motaku and the Order
Motaku in the Orange Submarine
Motaku Falling Down
Motaku Clock
Spiral Hands
Spiral Ammonite
Pattern of Rings
Pattern of Eyes
Pattern of Ammonite
Pattern of Golden Butterfly
Pattern of Butterfly
Chaos Hands
Pattern of Hippie 1
Pattern of Hippie 2
Pattern of Hippie 3
Happy 3
Happy 2
Happy 1
Happy Man
Happy Lady
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