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Allow me to invite you to the orange room, obsessed by arabesques.


The orange room tells countless allegories extracted from people. It has witnessed unveiled mysteries, the betrayal of gospels, unfaithful science, and the achievements and sins of humanity.


The master of the room, adorned with a poppy crown, outdated attire, and jewels of dawn's light, repeatedly illustrates the borders between self and the beyond. To prove that love is the bride of death and that devotion to arabesques is the ultimate truth.


How sturdy the orange citadel is! 

Come, laugh at this lunatic!










Obsessive-Compulsive Orange Room

Obsessive-Compulsive Orange Room 2022 Oil on canvas, 606mm × 727mm The obsessive-compulsive orange room is an arabesque prison. Under clocks that do not strike time, it wordily tells of fables squeezed from people. Revealed mysteries, betrayal of the gospels, unfaithful science, deeds and sins of human beings. I sit and watch the arabesques until the nightfall.

Der Verfluchte Dichter Walter Rheiner und Kokain des Trostes

Der Verfluchte Dichter Walter Rheiner und Kokain des Trostes 2022 Öl auf Leinwand, 910mm × 727mm ……das fatale Wort, das riesenhaft über die Firmamente dieser seiner Nächte gespannt war und (im Klang schon erbarmungslose Maschine) ihn langsam zerhackte: – Kokain! ... Ko-ka-in! (Walter Rheiner, 1918, „Kokain“)

Room of the Rising Sun

Room of the Rising Sun 2022 Oil on canvas, 652mm × 803mm I live in the room of the rising sun. The room which longs for the sun always dreams of dawn. The colour of orange glimmers at the eastern sky. The room is filled with the sun light, and the distinction from heaven becomes ambiguous. The sun rises from this room.

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Baudelaire Closed His Mouth

Baudelaire Closed His Mouth. 2021 Oil on canvas, 800mm × 650mm This is a testament left by a cursed soul. The desire for art is helplessly scattered as its destination expands infinitely.


Edge of Time 2021 Oil on canvas 530mm × 455mm Sound at the age of chaos is still streaming in one’s body.

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